Who Are We?

Cheltenham Minster with St Matthew’s is a church community at the heart of Cheltenham. Together we worship and explore what it means to follow Jesus Christ and share his hope. We have two church buildings within close proximity which gives us two venues of different styles in which to pursue our vision. We are a church family of all ages, backgrounds and situations in life. What unites us is our hope through Jesus Christ, a commitment to the Bible as God’s Word, and a desire to share this with others. So whoever you are, we’d like to think you can find a home amongst us.

Come and see us one Sunday, it would be great to meet you.

Our Services...

St Matthew's (The 10 O'clock)

Many of us may be familiar with the Apostles Creed that starts “I believe”, but do we appreciate its purpose and relevance as a statement of faith for us in the 21st Century?

If you would like to know more, come and hear the new sermon series “I believe” starting in the Minster on Sunday 7th October.

Cheltenham Minster (11am)

God said
‘Be holy, because I am Holy’
During August we will be looking at
what it means to Live a Holy Life.
So come and join us as we think about:
Living in unity, Living in the Light,
Living in wisdom and Living in readiness

St Matthew's (6.30pm)

Often we know where we want to go, or at least have dreams of what it might look like.
The journey to get there may be uncertain, and it might even be that we have the wrong destination. Looking at the life of Joseph, we’ll be discovering the importance of faithfulness to God through all life’s journeys and dreams. Starts Sunday 7th October.

When Do We Meet?

Sundays 10:00am at St Matthew’s, 11am at Cheltenham Minster, 6:30pm at St Matthew’s
Midweek Prayer 9am Mon-Fri, at Cheltenham Minster 12:30pm Mon-Fri, at Cheltenham Minster with a half hour midweek communion on Wednesday.
Throughout the week Small groups, including Bible study, support, prayer and music meet at various times during the week. Please contact the office for more information.

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