Pray for our Ministry Review

12th – 19th June 2016


An opportunity for the whole church family to be involved in praying for our Ministry Review. There will be opportunities for us to engage in the gathering of data, information and views in due course.

The priority for now is to pray.

Spirit of God,
Come among us as we journey on together.
Give us vision, give us grace, and give us hope,
transforming us all by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
May your Kingdom come and your will be done
in our homes, in our lives,
and in our communities,
that we may share your love now and forever,
here and everywhere.

(Diocese of Gloucester ‘Journeying On’ Prayer)



–   for all that Jesus Christ has done for us and for the hope we have in him
–   for our rich Biblical heritage of teaching and preaching
–   for all the financial resources God has provided over the years
–   for two well-kept buildings in the centre of Cheltenham
–   for all those who are working or serving voluntarily in the community 



–   that we have not always cared for our resources
–   that we have not always looked outwards
–   that we have not always listened to what God is saying to us



–   use the prayer on the front of this leaflet



–   that God will help us to look at the work being undertaken (‘the Ministry’) in the Minster and St Matthew’s and evaluate it against the strapline  – Following Jesus Christ and Sharing His Hope.
–   that we will listen to what God is saying to us
–   that we will fix our eyes on Jesus, learn to follow him better and to share his hope with those outside the church
–   that the Holy Spirit will direct our prayers for the review and give us wisdom  to know God’s will for our churches
–   for unity amongst our church family as we consider ways of sharing our  hope in Jesus
–   for good communication
–   that God will help us to identify opportunities for mission and ministry,  i.e. how we share and declare our faith
–   that God will help us answer the question of what he is calling us to do and to be over the next five years
–   for clear outcomes


Some Bible readings which may be helpful:

Matthew 25 v34-40: serving others for Jesus
Matthew 28 v16-20: the great commission
Isaiah 6 v1-8: Isaiah’s vision of God and prophetic calling
Mark 4 v26-32: Parables of the Kingdom
Colossians 1 v15-20: Christ is the head of the church
Romans 12 v1-8: One body in Christ


If you feel that God has said anything to you whilst you were praying …

… do let Tudor Griffiths or any member of the Ministry Review team know, ideally by email to:

or in writing to the church office.
44 Clarence Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3PL