Dear all

I am putting a call out to the churches of Cheltenham to pray on the day of the EU Referendum (23rd June) at each of the Polling Stations in the town. This gives us the opportunity to pray not only for the outcome of the Referendum, but also for our town and the communities we live in.

Current estimates are that turn out at the Referendum may be around 65%, which means that 50,000 Cheltenham inhabitants will be making there way to the 42 different Polling Station venues across town.

The suggestion is that different groups of people gather at each Polling Station to pray for 15 minutes at five times during the course of the day being 7am (when the polls open), 9am, 12 noon, 5pm and 9pm. Those praying may want to time their own voting to coincide with one of these times.

Follow this link to sign up at your local polling station. People simply need to indicate a time. Just a Christian name will suffice, but it would also be really good to know which churches people are coming from. I’ve included mine in brackets after my name.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the whole church in Cheltenham to come together to pray in our different communities.

We need to be aware of the rules concerning Polling Stations. I have therefore attached some protocols for this event together with suggested ways to pray.

Finally, all those who will be praying are invited to gather at the Minster the evening before the vote for a prayer service from 6 – 6.30pm.

Can I ask that you publicise this event with your congregations this weekend and in the coming weeks? I firmly believe that it is possible for the churches to fill all 5 time slots at all 42 venues, with at least two people at each time!

If you have any questions, then please get in touch via email, and if needs be we can arrange a time to speak.

Have a fruitful week

Richard Lupson-Darnell

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