At dawn on Friday morning I reached for my phone and saw the result. The sun was still shining; the birds were still singing, but here was news of a massive change for our land. I am sure that others will spend hours interpreting what has happened in political and social terms, but what interests me is what is happening spiritually.

This can only be a first stab at addressing this, but the fundamental point is that Jesus is Lord. He is Lord whichever way the vote had gone. Nothing that we can ever do can change that. He remains the One who is our ultimate point of reference and our hope. The Referendum result indicates a deep disillusionment in our country with the political establishment; a majority of those who voted felt that that the European project of the last 40 years has failed to deliver and in its place they have voted for a different future, without knowing what that will look like. My fear is that it is precisely those areas that voted most strongly for Brexit will be those that will suffer most from the consequences. And this may well open the door for populist nationalism and even extremism as a cycle of disillusion kicks into place.

My hope is that we will all reflect. If we had put our hopes for the future in the human project of the European Union, we can reflect that it is unwise to trust so in the world’s institutions. Neither should we expect that all will be put right simply because a majority has voted to leave the European Union. We have a message that Jesus is Lord and it is only in Him that we will find a deeper security and hope for our future. That Jesus is Lord remains good news this week. And by his grace the sun will continue to shine and the birds continue to sing.

Tudor Griffiths