Prayer Points

Prayer Points


Safeguarding is Gospel work. 


Please pray: 

  • Thank God for the humble response of Justin Welby to the report, that the failure of the church in this area is “profoundly and deeply shocking”.  
  • For action nationally to recognise the sufferings of victims/survivors and offer support. 
  • For the National Safeguarding Team as they form policies to change practice in churches such as training and “safer recruiting” for staff and volunteers. 


Please pray: 

  • For the diocesan safeguarding officers, Becca Faal and Brett Riches, for wisdom as they advise about what to do in situations, and for creativity and perseverance as they develop safeguarding within the diocese so that it is strong and robust. 
  • For the implementation of the safeguarding dashboard across the parishes.  
  • For wisdom about how to use the new safeguarding resources 
  • For small rural church congregations where there are not so many people to volunteer for parish safeguarding roles, safeguarding will not be side-lined.

St Matthew’s with the Minster. 

Please pray: 

  • For Paul Collacott and Emma Abbey who are the parish safeguarding officers (PSO) for vulnerable adults and Stephen Ayland and Julia Sawers who are the PSO for children. 
  • For all the volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults as well as the PCC as they undertake the basic awareness on-line training and for commitment from everyone to get the and paperwork right. 
  • Give thanks that all the children’s and youth work and the vulnerable adults work have policies, risk assessments for youth and children’s work, registers, and safer recruiting practice so that as far as we know, the activities in church are safe, but prayer not to be complacent about this. 
  • For ourselves, some within our church family carry the scars of childhood or current abuse, that we would be sensitive to each other. 
  • For us all to be alert to these issues, not just in a church setting but in wider society too so that we can be more relevant and sensitive to all those we mix with.  


Detached Youth Work

  • Link to Annie’s Youth Work Detached Video
  • Give thanks…..
    • for God going before us, bringing different churches and youth workers together
    • for the Rock and their experience and willingness to oversee the project
    • that this is wider than our benefice – we can reach more young people
    • for the relationships we have started to build with young people in Pittville park and the town centre.
  • Pray…..
    • for the team to be led by the Holy Spirit
    • for an application for funding from the council
    • that relationships with young people will grow
    • that God would give young people a desire to find out more
    • for the team to be given the right words to speak
    • that we will be led to talk to the people God wants us to
    • that God will keep us safe and give us boldness
    • that we will share the love and hope of Jesus Christ

Dan and Narineh’s Prayer Requests

  • For the printing of the new Bible translation and its distribution.
  • What Narineh will do next. Work with asylum seekers, teach, be a classroom assistant are all possibilities. She is working with Iranian women for a church online
  • Dan – teaching commitments. Has trainees coming from across the world to Whitcliff arriving on 24th May.
  • He is delivering a course on trauma counselling. He has 12 students. Prayer for them as they use the courses he has taught them.
  • Their children – that they will make friends with Christian children at Sunday School.


Prayer Meeting

  • Schools work to get going again
  • Gaming as outreach activity
  • Job Seekers’ Mentoring scheme
  • Energy for team after tiring year of change
  • Youth work at West Cheltenham
  • Finances (incl. Cotswold Way walk)
  • Planning/recruiting for weekend away 2022
  • Staffing for next year

Saturday Kitchen Prayers

  • Thank God for answered prayer, resourcing SK so abundantly.
  • Thank God for bringing the guests we seek to serve.
  • Pray for guests’ needs and the provision of the town’s agencies.
  • Wisdom in conversation as we seek to share God’s love and hope.
  • The future development of SK’s ministry once inside church.
  • Pray we shall be watchful for signs of God at work now and in the future.
“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
Matthew 25:35