Mission as part of our being Passionate about Jesus

Our strapline “Passionate about Jesus” underpins four commitments, namely:

Discipleship: growing in God’s love in Jesus

Prayer and Worship: responding to God’s love in Jesus

Mission: sharing God’s love in Jesus

Community: experiencing God’s love in Jesus

For the commitment to mission, we do mission as well as support mission. The doing is expressed in acts of service and engagement with people and groups locally. Saturday Kitchen is one such church activity. Further, we encourage church members to be proactive in various ways, such as volunteering with local organisations whether or not they are Mission Partners.

We support mission as an institution in several ways, including:

  • Prayer for mission partners in services, small groups and the church prayer meeting.
  • Giving at least ten percent of general income, mostly by monthly payments to ten of those listed above. Furthermore, we conduct a financial appeal at Christmas and at other times in response to critical needs.
  • Encouraging everyone to explore their sense of calling and vocation, recognising that this includes the whole of life and that we are all Christ’s disciples 24-7, living out our faith each day with the support of our Christian family.

Further information is available on each, some via the listed websites and their social media pages and for all via regular emails. Do please ask to be connected with those that you wish to engage with in prayer and other forms of support.


Nicola: working amongst students with UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) as CU Staff Worker for Gloucestershire. www.uccf.org.uk

Ian and Wendy: in Cheltenham, working in research and writing in support of Christian communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Dan and Narineh, Michael, Benjamin and Rosie: based at Moorlands College, UK where Dan leads training programmes for scripture translation plus consultancy to scripture translations in west Asia.

Mike and Barbara: in London, involved in discipling migrants and international finance for OM.

Mat and Katy, Phoebe, Jonah and Barney: training indigenous people for mission (Mat) or medical work (Katy) based in Kijabe, Kenya.

Wanyeki and Mary: a Kenyan couple running St Julian’s Anglican Training Centre, Nairobi which trains indigenous people for leadership roles in the Anglican Church of Kenya.



Bible Society: partnering with Bible Society of Egypt’s Bookshop/Ministry Centre in Minya helping to make the Bible affordable and accessible to all.  www.biblesociety.org.uk      www.darelketab.org

SAT-7: supporting the church in the Middle East and North Africa through indigenous television broadcasting by satellite and online.  www.sat7uk.org

A Rocha: a Christian organisation pioneering environmental protection and sustainability based on biblical principles. We support Dave Bookless, Director of Theology.  www.arocha.org.uk

Tearfund: a Christian relief and development organisation working in partnership with Christian agencies and churches worldwide to tackle the causes and effects of poverty.  www.tearfund.org


Youth for Christ Gloucestershire: drawing alongside teens to demonstrate and declare God’s love, giving them the opportunity to accept Christ as their Saviour.  www.yfcgloucestershire.co.uk

The Rock Youth Centre: living out practical Christian love for all young people in Cheltenham, particularly those who are marginalised or excluded in any way, through challenging activities from urban street sports to essential life skills.  www.therock.uk.com

Caring for Communities and People (CCP): practical love and support to the disadvantaged in Cheltenham and nearby.  www.ccp.org.uk

Foodbank, Cheltenham Street Pastors, Hospital Chaplaincy, Open the Book and Cheltenham Prayer for Schools Network: locally supported Christian organisations and initiatives.

Training for Ordination

Gareth, Sonia, Myfanwy and Vaughan Griffith: Gareth is training for ordination at Oak Hill Theological College, North London.