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If you are unable to attend either St Matthew’s or Cheltenham Minster (or know someone who would appreciate this), and would like instead to receive a weekly audio CD of our Sunday services, please get in touch with the church office at office@stmstm.org.uk

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Preacher: Annie Phillips (1), Patrick Wheaton (1), Andy Hall (1), Jayne Seward (1), Clare Dyson (1), Tudor Griffiths (1).
Book: Deuteronomy (6), Psalm (1), Ezekiel (1), Luke (1), John (1), Acts (1).
Service: Sunday Morning (5), Sunday Evening (1).
Date: 2016 (5), 2017 (1)

Sermons (6)

Come Holy Spirit
Deuteronomy 5:23-30 (Part of the The First Missionaries series).
Preached by Annie Phillips on June 4, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
He Just Likes Making Rules
Psalm 119:1-12 (Part of the Caricatures of God series).
Preached by Patrick Wheaton on November 6, 2016 (Sunday Evening).
Harvest Thanksgiving
Deuteronomy 26:1-11 (Part of the Cheltenham Minster series).
Preached by Andy Hall on October 9, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
Harvest Celebration
Deuteronomy 8:7-17 (Part of the Harvest series).
Preached by Jayne Seward on October 9, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
The Burden of Debt
Deuteronomy 15:1-11 (Part of the God and the Poor series).
Preached by Clare Dyson on May 29, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
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