Ignite Friday

Ignite Friday is a youth club for young people in school years 7-9.

We meet at St Matthew’s Church on Friday evenings from 7-8:30pm, for pool, table tennis, fun games and special events – £1 entry (free first week).


FFC (Friday Fun Club!) is a space to hang out for young people in school years 10-13.

We meet at St Matthew’s Church on Friday evenings from 8-9:30pm, eat, hang out and play some games. Once a month we jam / worship together.

Ignite Sunday

Ignite Sunday is the youth group for anyone in years 7-11.

We meet every Sunday morning as part of the Ten O’clock service. After the first 20 minutes we leave the Service and meet in our comfy youth room. We have a great time thinking about the truths of Christianity and how it effects our lives today. This term we are digging into the book of Revelation and tackling some big questions. There are always games, snacks and time to pray for each other.

On the first week of the month we start out in the youth room, with toast and hot chocolate, and join the service later,  just before Communion.

Youth Small Group

Youth Small Group is for those in years 10-13 who want to grow in their faith.
We dig into the Bible together and pray for each other. There’s always snacks and games, and once a month we start with a meal.

Every Wednesday during term-time, 7.30-9.30pm, contact us for details.

Extra Events include weekends away, film nights, trips, activities and summer camps
For more information, contact Annie our Youth Minister

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